Pick Winno’s Brain

The secret of Winston’s appeal is simple; he knows what works and he knows how to communicate it. You don’t get corporate doublespeak. You don’t get complicated formulas. You don’t get lectures laced with jargon. What you do get is practical advice and solutions expressed clearly and concisely. The confidence that you can go out there and do it, plus renewed enthusiasm and commitment to solutions that will lift your business to even greater heights.

As a result, Winston often gets people asking “Winno, can I pick your brain?”

If you’ve got a knotty problem or you’d like Winston to focus on an aspect of your business, conference, or professional development, then you or your team can get great value from a one-on-one consultation with Winston.
Lots of our clients reckon this is a sensational way to get Winston’s marketing genius working for you because he’ll really get deep down into the nitty gritty of your business and get his skills working for your business.

So we’ve put together some “Pick Winno’s Brains” deals.

5 minutes – FREE!!

20 minutes – $300

30-45 minutes – $500

2 hours face-to-face – $2200

We are sure you can understand that with Winston’s profit-boosting techniques being delivered at such reasonable rates his calendar books out FAST, so if you’d like to Pick Winno’s Brain, fill out your details below and we’ll contact you to arrange a time.  Oh, and as Winno delivers so many great ideas so fast, you might want to record the conversation!

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