Science daily published a great article last year pointing out that:

People can become paralyzed by unlimited choice, and find less satisfaction with their decisions…

Reading this article reminded me of when I was in a terrific wine shop recently. The proprietors realised that most customers don’t know much about wine: they generally end up making a decision based on the style of the bottle or the design of the label.

The solution to helping out befuddled buyers was inspired. They put little tickets on bottles that gave just the sort of help and advice we all need; ‘Rare’, ‘Best wine of its kind in the shop’, ‘Hard to get’, ‘Old and worth drinking’, ‘Worth buying now’ and ‘Best value of any wine’ were some of the things they said.

This made the decision on buying the right wine so easy. Why, I wondered, didn’t other shops make purchases this simple?

What about your business? Can you add a few quick labels scoring tags or shelf talkers to your products that will make the choice so much simpler? And, if you sell a service, are you making sure that clients know what is great value, or what other people are doing with the service, or what it will really do for them.

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